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Appointments & Scheduling

Our Policy for scheduling appointments is as follows:

  • Our longest appointments are made in the mornings which will typically consist of full starts and removal of braces.
  • Always schedule your next appointment before leaving the office.
  • We offer the service of removing your arch wires prior to your cleaning appointments at the dentist. Please give us a week notice prior to the cleaning appointment.
  • It is required that you call our office in the event a bracket becomes broken/loose prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • We do offer an email reminder for appointments that will be sent the day prior. For a Monday appointment you will receive the email reminder on the Friday before.
  • Before and after school appointments are available.

It is very helpful if you set aside time for appointments, exams, check-ups, etc. This will help you in planning:

  • New patient exam 40-50 minutes
  • Regular check-up: 10-20 minutes
  • Records:30 minutes
  • Removal of Braces: 90 minutes
  • Placements of Braces: 70 minutes

At each appointment, we ask that you take some routine steps before you leave. These steps will minimize discomfort related to irritation from the braces and ensure an optimal response to treatment.

Please make these steps as part of each visit:

  1. Use your tongue to check that wire ends do not extend into areas which might poke or abrade the cheek or tongue.
  2. Make sure you understand what you are going to do until your next appointment. This could include wearing elastics or following specific hygiene or diet instructions.
  3. Make sure you have an adequate supply of dental wax, special cleaning aids, elastic bands or other related materials to use between appointments.

What is our office policy on cancellations?

We understand things can come up when you have to reschedule appointments. A 24 hour notice is always appreciated. This gives another patient the opportunity to be helped during the time you had scheduled.

How does our office handle and manage late arrivals or missed appointments?

We try our best to handle late arrivals depending on the nature of the appointment. Missed early morning and late afternoon appointments may have to be rescheduled during school because of the understandable popularity of these visits. If you miss an appointment we will give you a courtesy phone call to reschedule.